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The Magical Forest of Vrindavan
The Mysterious Nidhivan
Primary Idol
Lord Krishna
Opening Hours
Monday-Sunday, 06:00-19:00Hrs
Distance from Airport or railway Station
10Kms from Mathura Junction
VC5R+RVF, Sangramgarh, Uttar Pradesh 230141

What you'll be reading-

The hallowed birthplace of Krishna’s temple, Nidhivan, in Vrindavan, has a sense of mystery or supernatural about it. Lord Krishna is reported to make nightly visits to Nidhivan. Not only that, but there is a rumour that he plays Ras Leela every night as well.

It is regarded as the nation’s holiest location since it is where God actually resides.

Such conjectures leave us perplexed! Without fire, there would be no smoke. This mystery has a root that is still a mystery to everyone. No priest or devotee is permitted to enter the property after the sunset aarti. Not all facts, nevertheless, are at our disposal.

After 7 PM, neither animals nor birds are seen because it is believed that they elope from the area as well. Additionally, Nidhivan has a distinctive environment. Its sides are bordered by peculiar hollow trees with short, heightened branches that curl downward and tangle together. Additionally, the Tulsi plants are paired.

What makes the mystery claim? Listed below are a few of them:

Every evening, a dedicated area known as the Rang Mahal is decked. A pan is set out, a jar of water is placed nearby, and a bed of sandalwood has been spread out. The fact that the bed allegedly looks used in the morning and that the paan and water appear to have been sampled just adds to the intrigue. People assert that Lord Krishna is to blame for it.

The Mahal is covered with offerings for Radha and Krishna to eat after their Raas Leela. The strewn items assert that this is plausible given that all windows and doors are closed after 7 o’clock.

Next, what? According to legend, Tulsi plants transform into dancing Gopis at night while Krishna performs his Raas Leela. We’ve heard that trees light up at night to welcome Lord Krishna. It’s unbelievable and endearing at the same time.

In the neighbourhood of Nidhivan, there is a well that Krishna is claimed to have dug with his flute in order to satisfy Radha’s thirst. Some claim that residents can also hear ghungroos at night.

If you’re wondering if there were any witnesses, it’s stated that everyone who tried looking around for evidence was seriously hurt, lost their sight, or developed severe mental disorder.

These puzzles are difficult to accept, but the compelling evidence manages to keep us trusting in the conjecture. After the evening Aarti bells, residents here close their windows and doors.

The rock garden, where little Krishna left his calf and whose footsteps may still be seen in the highlands, is another mystery surrounding the location. And that after listening to Krishna’s melodic flute music, the vast mountains truly began to crumble into rocks.

No one knows if it’s a myth or a real event. If this narrative is to be believed or not, it all depends on one’s beliefs, instincts, and devotion. However, as a result of this tale, pilgrims from all over the world travel to Nidhivan to visit the sacred site. It undoubtedly draws a sizable number of Krishna’s devotees, and the local tourism industry is thriving.

You get to determine if it’s a mystery or a miracle. But when the narrative is initially told, it undoubtedly inspires amazement and perplexity.


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