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Vishnupad Temple

Footprint of Lord Vishnu
Lord Vishnu Footprint
Primary Idol
Lord Vishnu
Opening Hours
Monday-Sunday, 06:00-21:00Hrs
Distance from Airport or railway Station
4Kms from Gaya Junction
Chand Chaura, Gaya, Bihar 823001

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The ancient Vishnupad Temple is located in Gaya, India. It is a Hindu temple, in which Lord Vishnu is worshipped. Dharmasila, the footprint of Lord Vishnu etched into a slab of basalt, marks the location of this temple, which is located beside the Falgu River. According to history, the Brahmkalpit Brahmans served as temple priests centuries ago.

Since then, the Brahamkalpit Brahman known as Gayawal Tirth Purohit or Panda have served as priests for the Brahamkalpit Brahman community. Many famous saints have visited this shrine, including Ramanuja, Madhvacharya, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and Sri Ramakrishna.

Once there was a demon known as Gayasura, who performed severe penance, and as a reward, was granted a boon: whosoever saw him would be saved (Moksham). Since salvation is attained through living one’s life in accordance with righteousness, it has become easily available. Lord Vishnu commanded Gayasura to crawl beneath the earth to prevent immoral people from reaching salvation by putting its right foot onto the head of Asura.

Vishnu’s footprint was left there even after Gayasura had been pushed into the earth. The footprint includes nine symbols, including Shankam, Chakram, and Gadham. It is claimed that these are the weapons of the Lord. The Gayasura dragon now lying on the ground cried for food.

He was given a blessing by Lord Vishnu that every day, someone would give him a meal. Those who do so will have their souls flown to paradise. It is thought that he will come out on the day Gayasura doesn’t get any food. Every day, one or the other of different places in India would pray and offer food, feeding Gayasura, for the well-being of their departed.


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