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5 Interesting tales about Hanuman Garhi

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Located on the right bank of the Saryu river in Ayodhya, Hanuman Garhi is the oldest temple in the city. Only Hanumanji needs to be seen in Ayodhya before visiting the Ram Janmabhoomi. Let’s learn a little bit about it.

Hanuman is said to have protected Ram Janmabhoomi and Ramkot in a cave hereafter he conquered Lanka. So it was renamed Hanumangarh or Hanuman Kot in honour of the Hindu god. Hanumanji’s residence is also known as this location.

In his 1933 book Shri Awadh ki Tableau, Rai Bahadur Lala Sitaram, who was awarded the Sahitya Ratna and the Sahitya Sudhakar, provided an original portrayal of Hanumangarhi. There were 360 temples built at Ramnagari during the reign of Vikramaditya. Many of these were destroyed under the reign of Aurangzeb.

After the demolition, Hanumangarhi continued to exist as a mound till the 17th century. An idol of Hanumanji has been put in front of the larger idol that was once worshipped under a tree.

Mahant Baba Abhayram of Ayodhya is claimed to have saved the life of the Nawab Shuja-ud-daula’s son. When Vaidya and Hakim bowed, it’s reported that the Nawab’s ministers asked Abhayram Das to visit the Nawab’s son just once. His son’s life was saved after Baba Abhayram uttered some mantras and sprinkled Hanumanji’s feet with holy water.

The Nawab was overjoyed and asked Baba to make a request at that moment. Then Baba stated that since we were sages, we didn’t require anything. If you believe that Hanumanji is to thank for your son’s recovery, you can have Hanuman Garhi constructed.

There were 52 bighas of land donated by the Nawab. In addition, it is stated that the site for this temple was granted by the Nawab of Awadh and built by his concubine in the middle of the tenth century. Some, however, link Sultan Mansoor Ali, the administrator of Lucknow and Faizabad, to this occurrence.

However, it is also stated that the enormous Hanuman temple was completed some 300 years ago with the help of Saint Abhayaramdas. Nirvani Akhara’s student, Sant Abhayaramdas, was a devotee of his.

Cave temple Hanuman Garhi is in fact a cave. To get to this point, one must ascend 76 steps. At just six inches tall, this Hanuman JI figurine is always decorated with flowers. The four corners of this temple complex are protected by circular bastions. Maha Anjani and Baal (child) Hanuman are shown in the temple as an idol of Anjani and Hanumanji, who are depicted as a child.

Hanuman garhi is also home to Ayodhya’s tallest building, which can be seen from all angles. 52 bighas in the area in which this enormous temple and its residential complex are situated. There are properties, akhadas, and meetings of this temple in towns across the country, including Vrindavan, Nashik, Ujjain, and Jagannathpuri.

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