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Grishneshwar Temple

The Last Jyotirlinga
Primary Idol
Lord Shiva
Opening Hours
Monday-Sunday, 06:00-22:00Hrs
Distance from Airport or railway Station
22Kms from Aurangabad Junction
Verul, Maharashtra 431102

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The Grishneshwar Temple, built in the Shikhara architecture with gods and goddesses engraved on the walls, is also mentioned in the Shiva Purana. The Jyotirlinga is said to have been erected by Ahilyabai Holkar and is located near the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

The temple complex is incredibly impressive, with stunning carvings, sculptures, and other features. It is equally stunning, and the temple construction will leave you mesmerized.

Ghushma, according to the Shiv Purana, was a woman whose son was murdered by her own sister. She began to pray to Lord Shiva in her sadness, and Shiva, pleased with Ghushma’s devotion, blessed her with a son.

Shiva, in the avatar of Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga, stayed here forever at Ghushma’s request.

There are several legends around this jyotirlinga.

According to folklore, a woman named Kusuma used to worship Lord Shiva every day, immersing the Shiva Linga in a tank along with her prayers. Her husband’s first wife was envious of her love and as a result, her son was slain.

Even though Kusuma was grieving, she maintained her faith and commitment to the Lord. Lord Shiva is reported to have been so moved by her devotion that he resurrected her son. Lord Shiva showed himself as a jyotirlinga hereafter Kusuma requested that he stay.

According to another tradition, there was a Brahmin named Brahmavetta Sudharm who resided in the Devagiri mountains with his wife Sudeha. Sudeha got her sister Ghushma married to her husband because the pair didn’t have any children.

Ghushma would create lingas, worship them, and then immerse them in the neighbouring lake, following her sister’s suggestion. She was ultimately given the gift of a baby son. Sudeha grew envious of her sister over time, murdering her kid and tossing him into the same lake where her sister would immerse the lingas.

Even though Ghushma’s daughter-in-law told her that Sudeha was involved in her son’s death, Ghushma resumed her daily rituals, trusting completely in the Lord’s mercy.

And, according to her beliefs, she saw her son approaching her as she walked to immerse in the linga. Lord Shiva appeared in front of her and informed her of her sister’s evil deed.

Ghushma prayed to the Lord for forgiveness for her sister. The Lord was pleased and granted her a boon. He showed himself as Ghushmeshwar, a jyotirlinga because she wanted him to stay in that location. Shivalaya was the name of the lake where Ghushma plunged the lingas.

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