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Gupt Godavari

A hidden underground river in Chitrakoot
A hidden river
Primary Idol
No Idol
Opening Hours
Monday-Sunday, 06:00-21:00Hrs
Distance from Airport or railway Station
22KMs from Chitrakoot Railway Station
Tendhee Patmaniya, Madhya Pradesh 485334

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One of Uttar Pradesh’s most fascinating tourist destinations is Gupt Godavari. It is a marvel of nature and a location of great spiritual significance. There is an intriguing mythological story behind it, just like all the other well-known tourist destinations in Chitrakoot.

Followers hold this location, which is roughly 18 km away from the Chitrakoot area, in the highest regard. Lord Rama and Lord Laxmana, who was exiled for 14 years, are said to have spent some time here, according to the Hindu mythological epic Ramayana. Two cave systems can be found inside the mountain, and the water inside them is knee-deep.

One of these caves has a narrow entrance, a high ceiling, and a large exterior, making it challenging for anyone to enter. Though it is very long and narrow, the other cave Deep inside the cave, a torrent of water continues to pour from the rocks. Then, before just vanishing into the ground, they flowed towards another cave. It is a peculiar phenomenon that has long perplexed visitors and contributed to the place’s being called Gupt Godavari. Two stone thrones with carvings are also visible in the larger of these caverns. These are thought to be the properties of Lord Rama and Lord Laxman.

Knee-deep water is incredibly fascinating to wade through while taking in the splendour of the caves. Reaching the temple inside the cave known as the Ram Darbar was the trip’s high point. The statues of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Lord Laxmana, who are all seated on high platforms, are in the temple’s courtyard. The area just above it has a hole that lets sunlight pass through.

Visitors can comfortably explore the caverns thanks to the stairs and lamps that are placed at regular intervals inside the tunnels. Because it offers both spirituality and adventure in equal measure, Gupt Godavari is among the most popular destinations in Chitrakoot.

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