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Places to visit in Ayodhya in 2024

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Introduction – Places to visit in Ayodhya in 2024

The historic temple town of Ayodhya in northern India attracts thousands of Hindu pilgrims every year. As the legendary birthplace and capital of Lord Rama, the city brims with important sites linked to the epic Ramayana.

From the sacred spot marking Rama’s birth to ashrams commemorating pivotal events, Ayodhya lets visitors step back in time to the Treta Yuga age when gods walked among humans here. Even ruins and relics exude spiritual power with such profound lore attached.

This guide covers the most significant places allowing you to discover Ayodhya’s living heritage as the cradle of Lord Rama’s reign on earth.

Ram Janmabhoomi

Ram Janmabhoomi Temple-A Pilgrims Guide for 2024-3

The focal point for arriving pilgrims includes Ram Janmabhoomi, a temple housing a modest shrine said to denote Rama’s exact birth spot. This profoundly holy site sees endless queues of devotees waiting for darshan even though a grander temple is still under construction. Being present at this pinpointed location where Lord Rama manifested in human form resonates deeply for Hindus.

Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi-Places to visit in ayodhya
Hanuman Garhi-Places to visit in Ayodhya

Perched atop steep stone steps sits this imposing fort-style temple devoted to the revered Ramayana figure, Hanuman. As Rama’s loyal monkey warrior making many heroic contributions in the epic, Hanuman receives packed daily aarti sessions here. His Figure facing the Ram Janmabhoomi reinforces guardianship over the sacred birthplace. Climb to the roof to soak up panoramas over historic Ayodhya.

Kanak Bhawan

kanak bhawan-Places to visit in ayodhya
kanak bhawan-Places to visit in ayodhya

Believed to occupy part of King Dasaratha’s original palace grounds, Kanak Bhawan now houses a small shrine containing ancient murtis alongside a temple accommodating larger icons of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. Its tranquil, divine atmosphere makes this a favourite refuge for meditation and prayer. Don’t miss the shared courtyard’s sacred peepal tree either.

Guptar Ghat

Guptar Ghat Positioned along the Sarayu River two kilometres from central Ayodhya lie the bathing ghats known as Guptar Ghat. Lord Rama himself reportedly prayed and performed water rituals at this spiritually-charged spot which remains an active pilgrimage site today. Seeing holy men offering evening aarti as the sun dips while bats circle and devotees cleanse away sins conjures intense nostalgia for Rama’s presence.

Kanak Bhawan Museum

Kanak Bhawan Museum-places to visit in ayodhya
Kanak Bhawan Museum-places to visit in Ayodhya

Dedicated to preserving Ayodhya’s historic Rama connection, this excellent museum adjacent to Kanak Bhawan temple displays rare antiquities plus dioramas depicting the Ramayana timeline. Getting quick context here before touring relevant sites brings deeper insight. Don’t miss the small-scale model of Ayodhya either, accurately showing temple layouts.

Ram ki Paidi Ghat

Ram ki Paidi Ghat-Places to visit in ayodhya
Ram ki Paidi Ghat-Places to visit in Ayodhya

Marking the river-side spot where Lord Rama allegedly paid respects to ancestors while returning from exile, this stepped ghat now draws thousands for stunning nightly aarti. The elaborate ceremonies feature candles floated on the Sarayu River bearing hand-written dedication notes to God. Soak up electric devotion orbiting a 25-foot statue of Rama in the midst also recently installed.

Nageshwarnath Temple

Nageshwarnath Temple-places to visit in ayodhya
Nageshwarnath Temple-places to visit in Ayodhya

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this small yet highly sacred temple 2 kilometres from central Ayodhya marks one of 12 ‘Jyotirlingas’ – important Shiva shrines mentioned in the Shiva Purana. Lord Rama himself consecrated the stone lingam figure still receiving fervent prayers today. Visiting such a referenced pilgrimage site completes understanding the area’s multi-faceted spiritual heritage.

Top Places to See in Ayodhya

Site Significance
Ram Janmabhoomi Marks Lord Rama’s mythical birthplace with a modest temple
Hanuman Garhi Fortress-like temple dedicated to Lord Rama’s disciple Hanuman
Kanak Bhawan Occupies part of an ancient palace with a temple housing revered figures
Guptar Ghat Sacred bathing ghats on the Sarayu River used by Lord Rama himself
Kanak Bhawan Museum Showcases Ayodhya relics and Ramayana-linked artefacts
Ram ki Paidi Ghat Riverside ghats with nightly worship ceremonies floating lamps
Nageshwarnath Temple One of 12 key Jyotirlinga shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva

This summary only scratches the surface of mythologically rich things awaiting discovery across Ayodhya related to Lord Rama or reaching back thousands of years. Wandering the city’s living heritage and walking in legendary footsteps makes for an unforgettable and mesmerizing pilgrimage experience like nowhere else in India. Come immerse yourself in holy sights and sounds!

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