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Ayodhya 1 day Tour Plan in 2024 – Ayodhya’s Best Pilgrimage Sites

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One Day in Ayodhya: The Essential Pilgrimage Experience

Ayodhya, located in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is one of Hinduism’s seven sacred cities. As the mythical birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodhya attracts thousands of Hindu pilgrims every year eager to walk in the footsteps of their revered deity. With ancient temples, ashrams, memorials and more, Ayodhya makes for a rewarding pilgrimage.

Planning a rewarding one-day tour in Ayodhya can seem daunting, with countless potential sites vying for visitors’ precious time. This article provides the ideal itinerary to hit Ayodhya’s unmissable highlights in just 24 hours.

An Overview of Ayodhya’s Best Pilgrimage Sites

Before diving into the one-day itinerary, here is a quick overview of Ayodhya’s must-visit pilgrimage sites:

Ram Janmabhoomi

This sacred site in the heart of Ayodhya marks the believed location of Lord Rama’s birthplace and a modest temple currently stands here while a grander structure is under construction after the original 16th century mosque was demolished in 1992.

Hanuman Garhi

This fort-like temple sits atop a steep hill and contains shrines dedicated to Lord Hanuman as well as stunning views over Ayodhya.

Kanak Bhawan

Thought to stand on the site of Lord Rama and Sita’s palace, Kanak Bhawan or ‘Palace of Gold’ now houses a temple and popular murtis.

Guptar Ghat

These bathing ghats on the Sarayu River hold great spiritual importance to pilgrims who come to bathe and perform puja here.

Gulab Bari

Literally ‘Garden of Roses’, Gulab Bari contains a tomb and shrine dedicated to a follower of a Vaishnava saint as well as tranquil gardens.

The Perfect One-Day Ayodhya Pilgrimage Itinerary

Early Morning: Ram Janmabhoomi

Image of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple-A Pilgrims Guide for 2024

Begin your tour of Ayodhya at one of Hinduism’s most sacred sites, the Ram Janmabhoomi temple complex. Arrive early (ideally by 6am) to avoid crowds and join the steady stream of pilgrims gathering for the darshan of the modest yet beloved shrine said to mark Lord Rama’s birthplace. Soak up the atmosphere of devotion and spirituality.

After paying your respects at Ram Janmabhoomi, cross the road to visit Hanuman Garhi, perched on a hilltop just opposite. Climb the steep steps to reach this imposing temple dedicated to Lord Rama’s loyal devotee Hanuman. Admire panoramas over historic Ayodhya from the roof before returning to the city center.

Mid-Morning: Kanak Bhawan and Nearby Sites

A photo showing Insides of Kanal Bhawan-Ayodhya 1 day Tour Plan in 2024

After visiting Ayodhya’s main temples, spend the mid-morning further exploring the culture and heritage surrounding Lord Rama’s mythology. From Ram Janmabhoomi walk just five minutes to reach Kanak Bhawan, a temple reputedly situated within the grounds of King Dasaratha’s palace where Lord Rama and Sita spent much of their time. See the Ramanandi Math next door, an important monastery for sadhus.

Cross the road to visit Janki Mandir which commemorates the period Sita spent separated from Rama during her banishment. Then head south to the small Nageshwarnath Temple, one of India’s famous Jyotirlinga shrines.

Duration: 3N/4D
INR 18,699/-

Late Morning: Dashrath Mahal and Beyond

Photo of gate of Dashrath Mahal-Ayodhya 1 day Tour Plan in 2024-Dashrath Bhawan

Having toured temples connected to Rama’s life and devotees, walk five minutes south to learn about his wider family at Dashrath Mahal. Here see an ancient shrine and tomb dedicated to King Dasaratha, Rama’s father. Photograph its striking red-painted walls.

Then a minute’s walk east brings you to Lakshman Ghat on the banks of the Sarayu River, where Lakshman (Rama’s brother) supposedly bathed. Seeing key sites linked to Lord Rama’s relatives allows you to strengthen spiritual connections with this epic.

Lunch/Afternoon Rest

By now you have covered numerous important temples and ceremonies, so take an afternoon break for lunch and relaxation. Recharge ready for quieter afternoon explorations of Ayodhya’s sacred fringes.

Afternoon: Ancient Temples and Ghats

Photo of Ayodhya ghat at night-Ayodhya 1 day Tour Plan in 2024

Once refreshed, travel a short way north to visit the famous Guptar Ghat where Lord Rama used to offer prayers to Lord Shiva. Pilgrims continue bathing here to purify sins. Then, wander past mellow ashrams like Vashishta Ram Dhunee Ashram to find the thought-provoking Valmiki Ramayan Bhawan museum and Ramkot Fort believed to follow the perimeter of Rama’s ancient kingdom.

Finally, don’t miss the Tulsi Smarak Bhawan, a modern temple built where Lord Rama’s loyal brother met a tragic end. These landmarks showcase Ayodhya’s enduring spiritual significance.

Evening: Gulab Bari Gardens and Farewell Ceremonies

As the afternoon blends into the evening, finish your pilgrimage at peaceful Gulab Bari filled with roses, tombs and shrines. Light a diya as the sun sets for a moving end to your day following Lord Rama’s path. You may choose to enjoy a vegetarian thali meal at one of Ayodhya’s pilgrim bhavans before farewell ceremonies like Sri Ram Aarti at Kanak Bhawan, concluding the journey.

Key Places to Visit in Ayodhya’s Ultimate One-Day Itinerary

This handy table summarizes everywhere you’ll visit following this ideal one-day in Ayodhya itinerary:

Site Significance
Ram Janmabhoomi Lord Rama’s birthplace
Hanuman Garhi Hilltop temple with views over Ayodhya
Kanak Bhawan Marks Rama and Sita’s palace site with temple and deities
Ramanandi Math Important sadhu monastery
Janki Mandir Commemorates Sita’s banishment
Nageshwarnath Temple One of 12 Jyotirlinga shrines
Dashrath Mahal Ancient palace and tomb for King Dasaratha, Rama’s father
Lakshman Ghat Ritual bathing spot on the Sarayu River
Guptar Ghat Sacred ghats where Lord Rama prayed
Vashishta Ram Dhunee Ashram Tranquil spiritual retreat
Valmiki Ramayan Bhawan Ramayana museum and research centre
Ramkot Ancient fort site with Rama connections
Tulsi Smarak Bhawan Temple marking where Lakshman passed away
Gulab Bari ‘Garden of Roses’ with tombs and shrines

So there you have it – the ultimate way to spend one day soaking up the best of spiritual Ayodhya! This action-packed yet thoughtful itinerary mixes world-famous temples with peaceful ashrams and the historical sites immortalized in the Ramayana legends. You’re sure to feel transported back to Lord Rama’s era with this carefully curated pilgrimage experience.

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