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Tulsi Vivah this Kartik Poornima





Tulsi Vivah celebration, which later became known as Ekadashi, originates from an age old story of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi Vivah is excellent for girls and women. It is acknowledged that performing Tulsi Vivah provides same benefits as of Kanyadaan. The virtue of Kanyadaan, one of the most important daans, is missed by those without daughters in their homes. People perform Tulsi Vivah in order to acquire this virtue.

Women do Tulsi Vivah and Tulsi Pujan for the benefit of their husbands and kids. The girls do this pooja to find a suitable spouse. Worshiping it maintains happiness and serenity in the home and offers a number of advantages. Additionally, Tulsi Vivah is performed to keep a pleasant energy in the home and mind as well as to purify the surroundings.

What is Tulsi Vivah?

On the day of Tulsi Vivah, worshipping Mata Tulsi and Lord Shaligram grants all of the wishes of the devotees and enhances their marital bliss and prosperity. Additionally, issues that may arise between a husband and wife are also resolved.

When is Kartik Poornima?

Kartik Poornima falls on 27th November, 2023.

Why is Kartik Poornima celebrated?

The celebration honours Lord Shiva’s triumph over the demon Tripurasara and goes by a variety of names, including “Tripuri Purnima” and “Tripurari Purnima.” Lord Vishnu is also honoured throughout this holiday. His initial incarnation, as Matsya, occurred on this day.

According to Hindu mythology, the Gods themselves descended to Earth on this day, making their way to the sacred rivers. As a result, worshippers believe that by taking a dip in holy rivers on Kartik Purnima, they would be showered with divine favour.

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