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Deep Daan this Kartik Poornima






Kartik is the last month of Chaturmas in Hinduism, and the scriptures place considerable emphasis on this month. Lamp donation, coupled with songs, worship, and charity, is regarded especially important throughout this month. In this month, followers are said to receive particular blessings from Lord Laxminarayan.

What is Deep Daan?

Donating a lamp or ensuring that one remains lit at a holy location is referred to as “Deep Daan” in several hindu holy scriptures.

When is Kartik Poornima?

Kartik Poornima falls on 27th November, 2023.

Why is Kartik Poornima celebrated?

The celebration honours Lord Shiva’s triumph over the demon Tripurasara and goes by a variety of names, including “Tripuri Purnima” and “Tripurari Purnima.” Lord Vishnu is also honoured throughout this holiday. His initial incarnation, as Matsya, occurred on this day.

According to Hindu mythology, the Gods themselves descended to Earth on this day, making their way to the sacred rivers. As a result, worshippers believe that by taking a dip in holy rivers on Kartik Purnima, they would be showered with divine favour.


  • Mahadev himself explains to Kartikeya the unique significance of light giving on the five days leading up to Diwali, Kartik Krishna Paksha, in the Uttarkhand of the Padma Purana.
  • The Agnipuran claims that anybody who offers a light to a god temple or a Brahmin’s home would get everything.
  • The Padma Purana states that one who burns a lamp in a temple, along a river, or on a road receives Lakshmi in all her forms.
  • It is thought that doing all of the yagya rites and offering a light in front of Lord Keshav in Kartika would have the same effect as participating in all of the pilgrimages.
  • According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, anybody who presents Sri Hari with a ghee lamp in the month of Kartik is granted happiness in Haridham for a long duration of time.

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